Solar Kits

The kits demonstrate the principles of solar power in a fun and easy-to-understand way. Each kit do not require any battery and comes with an easy-to-follow illustrated manual. These kits can make great projects for first-time builders. Specifications similar on all kits:

  • Solar Panel Output: 1.1V, 50mA
  • Solar Cell Life: 2 years in normal use
  • Motor: DC
  • Power Consumption: 1.2V, 10mA

6-in-1 DIY Educational Kit

The toy includes 21 components and may be assembled into 6 completely different style ultra-fun solar toys: hovercraft, windmill, electronic dogs, solar cars, rotary aircraft and aircraft. The building-block not only piles up but may also move around. When placed under the sun, the solar panel provides an unfailing energy supply of the toy. This product does not require screws to connect, just a simple splicing operation can assemble it into different toys. Through this practical operation, children can learn how to use the solar energy to drive the mini motor.


Butterfly Solar Kit

This solar butterfly can fly like real butterfly while shaking its body. It's the perfect gift for different ages, also the best solar product to enlighten education and environmental publicity.

Car Solar Kit

- Run with either solar energy or AA electricity, so it can run indoor and outdoor.
- It is popularly used for solar car racing in school.
- The structure is simple and easy to assemble. It may be assembled within 5 minutes.
- Size is 20*8*7.5 cm which is not too small and not too big.
- The power of solar panel is 0.3Watt to make sure it is generating enough power to run fast.
- Uses strong motor.
- The direction of car can be adjusted from 45-135 degrees.

Climbing Orangutan Solar Kit

The climbing orangutan traverses across ropes, hand-over-hand like a monkey. Amaze and surprise your friends with its animal-like animation.

- Unit Weight: 62.37g
- Assembled Size: 80mm x 55mm x 40mm
- Tools Needed: Diagonal Cutter; Screwdriver

F1 Solar Kit

When equipped with the most powerful engine, the sun, F1 races at amazing speeds. 

- Unit Weight: 45.36g
- Assembled Size: 110mm x 45mm x 30mm
- Tool Needed: Diagonal Cutter

Grasshopper Solar Kit

You will get quite a kick out of the "nervous" grasshopper solar robot kit as it shakes to the rays of the sun. It's eyes jiggle, legs wiggle, and antennas sway to-and-fro! The grasshopper makes a wonderful pet that is very easy to clean up after and only eats sunshine.

- Unit Weight: 5.5g
- Assembled Size: 49mm x 26.8mm x 15.7mm