Programmers and Other Development Tools

8051 Programmer

To compliment the 8051 Training Module, Alexan came up with an affordable programmer for the ATMEL AT89C2051 and AT89C4051 microcontrollers. 

The ATMEL AT89C2051/AT89C4051 Programmer has a comprehensive set of features that allows you to view, program, erase and secure the data of an ATMEL microcontroller.
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Equipped with a computer-interface, the computer-interface software allows you to:

  1. Load or open hex files containing the code you want to program to the device.
  2. Read the hex code from the device and store it in the program buffer for editing or saving.
  3. View and edit the hex codes in the program buffer.
  4. Save any changes made in the program buffer to a hex file for use with other devices.
  5. Check the device ID.
  6. Erase all the data in the device.
  7. Blank check the device.
  8. Program the hex codes found in the program buffer to the device
  9. Verify the programmed hex code in the device
  10. Protect the device from accidentally reprogramming by locking the device so that the code cannot be read from it.
For more information about ATMEL microcontroller, please visit ATMEL's website at to download datasheet and technical notes. 

Download 8051 Programmer User's Manual

ALL-100 Universal Programmer

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ALL-100 features high-tech pin drivers to provide excellent programming quality at high-speed, high-realiability and high-expansion flexibility, and are fully programmable to meet programming needs including low voltage devices in the market.

  • Excellent Performance — Utilize flexible pin drivers to get accurate waveforms, high programming speed plus over current protection, wrong insertion detection, self diagnostic etc. ensures ALL-100 excellent performance
  • Wide Devices Coverage — Wide range of programmable devices from 8 pins up to 300 pins covering EPROM, EEPROM, Serial PROM, flash, PLD/CPLD/FPGA,MPU/MCU, etc. in DIP, SDIP, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, PLCC, QFP, or BGA etc. package types
  • Inherit ADAPTER/CONVERTER from ALL-series — Over 500 ADAPTERs, 150 CONVERTERs can be used with single socket programming module or Gang Programming Module to ensure your capital investment retained.
  • Easy to Use — Runs on Windows and works with IBM PC through USB port to perform a high-speed data transmission and accurate programming waves. After master read or file download from PC, user only needs to select (Blank check, Program, Auto) function from Menu and then hit YES key on programmer to start program function. Operation is very easy
  • Multiple Units Working Simultaneously — Via tiered star USB topology to achieve highest throughputs
  • Release New Device Support via Internet Weekly — Receive new device support software at no charge
  • Worldwide Service — Distribution channel covers 35 countries worldwide. Your problem could be taken care anywhere around the world
  • Ideal for Engineering as well as Production Environment — Wide device covering range, flexible future expansion capability help users to achieve challenging time-to-market goal

AT-701 EPROM Eraser

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  • Electronic timer adjustable from 10 to 60 minutes
  • Two layer design fully utilizes both top and bottom areas of the UV tube
    • Top Layer Capacity: up to 8 pieces of 32-pin DIP EPROMs
    • Bottom Layer Capacity: up to 9 pieces of 40-pin DIP EPROMs
  • Top layer features a stair type of receptacle to ensure all 24, 28 or 32-pin EPROMs are positioned correctly for maximum UV exposure
  • Anti-static sponge surfaces provide EPROMs with protection from static penetration
  • Power-on LED indicators
  • Lightweight, space-saving, and durable plastic body design


Atmel AVR ISP In-System Programmer

The AVR ISP gives the designer a compact and reliable programming tool to program all In-System Programmable AVR microcontrollers through a 6- or 10-pin ISP connector. Interfaces with AVR Studio for code writing and debugging. This free software can be downloaded from Atmel's website. The programming software can be controlled from both a Windows environment and a DOS command-line interface.
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  • Interface with AVR Studio
  • ISP Programming of all In-System Programmable AVR devices
  • Programs both Flash and EEPROM
  • Supports Fuse and Lock Bit Programming
  • Supports RC Oscillator Calibration
  • Adjustable speed supports all target boards running at a speed higher than 8KHz
  • RS-232 interface
  • Powered from target
  • Upgradeable to support future devices

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