Specialized Meters

There are hundreds of specialized test instruments used today for many different applications. 

Capacitance Meters are designed to check the quality of the capacitor and also determine the value of unknown capacitors, in or out of the circuit. It can also identify power factor values, leakage and open circuits. 

Light/LUX Meters are designed to measure illumination. 

TES Test Instruments provides various types of test instruments from temperature sensor, to sound level and to automotive meter.

CT-20K Digital Capacitance Meter

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This CT-20K Capacitance Meter is a portable digital capacitance meter designed to measure capacitance from 0.1pF to 20,000µF. Nine capacitance ranges are available with an average accuracy of 0.5%. This meter measures only 135mm x 72mm x 33mm and weighs approximately 207 grams. For low-capacitance measurements, ±20pF zero adjustment is provided to compensate for test lead effects.

LX-104 Digital Light or Lux Meter

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The LX-104 Digital Light Meter is designed to accurately measure illumination with a large LCD display and distinct Digital Data Reading. This meter measures only 148mm x 71mm x 36mm and the light receiver measures 85mm x 67mm x 32mm.

  • Measurement range scale is from 0.1 ~ 19990 Lux or 0.01 ~ 0.01~1999 FC
  • Measuring Range Selection: 200/2000/20000 Lux or 20/200/2000 FC
  • Sensor used the Exclusive Photo Diode & Correction Filter
  • Data-hold function
  • Light Sensor Separate Design for optimum position measure
  • Current measurement range scale and illuminated units are displayed on the screen
  • Low battery indication
  • Offset adjustment
  • High accuracy measurement
  • Large LCD display and distinct digital data reading
  • Power consumption: approximately 2mA
  • Response speed: 2.5 times/sec.


FA507 Digital Wood Moisture Meter

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The FA507 Digital Wood Moisture Meter can help the Philippines' furniture and handicraft industries to know their lumber raw materials' moisture content at an affordable price.

  • Range: 6-30% with 0.1 resolution
  • Pins: hardened stainless steel, up to 3/8" penetration depth
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 6"x2.7"x1.2"
  • Gross Weight: ~145g
  • Power: 9V Battery
  • Large LCD display
  • Measures 6%-30% moisture in wood
  • Calibrated to 10 pre-defined wood species (Gmelina, Bagras, Mahogany, Gubas, Malapapaya, Japanese Alders, Mangium, Narra, River Red Gum, Tangile)
  • Auto shut-off to convserve battery
  • Auto freeze of displayed reading
  • Hinged "never-lose" protective cap
  • With low battery indicator
  • Compact and rugged construction
  • With carrying pouch and spare pins


SHEGA III Grain Moisture Meter

SHEGA III (Scientific and Handy Equipment for Gintong Ani version III) is a state- of-the-art precision moisture meter for palay and corn.  This product is a result of more than five years of research and development of the Bureau of Post Harvest Research and Extension (BPRE).  It is made of advanced technology components and design features that made it superior to other brands in the market.


  • Microcontroller-Based Processor
  • LCD Display with Backlight
  • Instant Readout
  • Built-in Real Time Clock
  • Data Logging Function
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Self Calibrating
  • High Level Accuracy
  • Excellent Repeatability
  • Includes Test Loader
  • One-Touch Mode Selector
  • Engineering-Grade Dust-Proof Case
  • Sleek and Portable
  • Uses 4 "AA" Batteries (not included)


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