Line Tracking Mouse

The line-tracking mouse is an excellent, low-cost robot for someone who has previous soldering experience and would like to get started with robots. This kit features two independent gearboxes, two printed circuit boards, a plywood base, and a clear, mouse-shaped body.

This kit includes three infrared sensors along the bottom of the robot and a microphone that allows users to start the robot by clapping or tapping its body. Three LEDs show you what the robot "sees", and two other LEDs light up when their corresponding motors are on. The mouse runs off on four AA batteries.

Mountain Climber Line Tracker Car Kit

Here's one robot kit hobbyists will surely enjoy, the Mountain Climber Line Tracker Car Kit. Designed for kit builders, it comes with printed circuit boards, programmed IC, loudspeaker, electronic and hardware components, including gear motors. The high torque gear motor allows the tracker to climb up to a 35-degree slope.

  • Sound activate
  • Programmed IC
  • Plays songs while running
  • Climb the slopes achieving up to 35° climb using high torgue gear motor
  • Have fun and learn as you design the mechanical parts yourself and use the electronic parts to build your own Line Tracker car
  • Power source required:
    • Electronic parts: DC6V 1.5"AA" x 4 batteries
    • Mechanical parts: DC6V 1.5"AA" x 4 batteries


Line Tracking Robot

Upon construction of this lighting sensor robot kit, it will follow a black line drawn on white paper by using the two photo interrupters. Create different routes with black electronic tape or black marker for your Line Tracking Robot and see what he can do.


Robot Arm

Learn basic robotic technology and build your own wired control robot arm with five motors and five joints. With its five-switched wired controller, the robot features base rotation, base, elbow and wrist motion, and a functional gripper. The five motors operate the grab, relase, lift and lower functions.

This is an optional USB Interface Kit which connects the Robotic Arm to a Windows personal computer USB port. Includes USB lead, controller and software. Works with Windows XP and Vista.

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